Features & Benefits

Practicalities for schools

    » Saves natural resources and increases functionality, all for less than the cost of traditional printed paper diaries.
    » All general school information is easily accessed by students, teachers and parents and fully up to date at any given time, easily maintained by the school.
    » Cost saving benefits - save on school office ink, paper and diary printing costs, not to mention time!
    » Provides extra electronic benefits with the ability to push-out live timetable, announcements and general school information to families, further reducing the school's spend on print and consumables during the year.

Key Benefits for students

    » One less book to carry around in your bag.
    » Set and manage appointments, homework and assignments.
    » Create your own calendar entries and receive announcements from your school.
    » Separate tabs for homework, assignments and diary.
    » Journal your school life in words and pictures.
    » Homework and assignments appear in your diary straight from your teacher without having to lift a finger!

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For Parents & Guardians

    » Dashboard overview of your student's set homework, assignments, notes and agreements.
    » Correspond via notes with your child's teachers.
    » Live timetable information viewable from within the App.
    » Unique PIN access for signing off student's homework on screen via the App4 Students App.

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Teacher's Electronic personal assistant

    » Manage your appointments.
    » Correspond with parents directly from the App.
    » Send messages to students.
    » Access live timetable information.
    » Use the Lesson Planner.
    » Send reminders and set homework and assignments, push-out to your classes or individual students.
    » View school level events and calendar.

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